Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hey Dolls, One Hot Shop is here to tell you good news !
We decided to bring in REAL i mean REAL ROOSTER FEATHERLOCKS here ! YEAAHHH !
Happy and excited ? YES SO WE ARE ! 
So come on guys tell us how much you want this so that we can confidently bring this in our shop !
WOOHHOOO ! We need at least more than 10 people !
We sell this featherlocks per stripe is RM15.
So come on guys grab this opportunity fast before it fully book !

This is the colour sample
green, yellow, pink, orange, blue, natural and red
choose any colour you like.

Celebrity who usually use featherlocks:


 Demi Lovato

Steven Tyler

Ok there will be some slightly changes on feather locks. To make it easier to apply because not everyone knows right. So wait till my feather locks arrived and I tell more details from there.

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